Saturday, June 25, 2011


I "accidentally" started making Angry Bird key chains. Accidentally? Yes.

My oldest son started talking about Angry Birds and how he'd like to have some Angry Bird toys to play with. We looked them up on the internet - how to order them, where to order them, etc and I said to myself ... "I could make that!"

So, I pulled out some polymer clay that was given to me MONTHS ago, by my sister - who no longer wanted it - and we sat down and started making clay birds!

My sons made some, I made some - made lots actually - and I sent pics of one or two to some friends. One friend replied with "I want one! And I want it on a key chain!"

So - I went through my old jewelry tools, found some chain, some key rings, and posts - then went to town...

Angry Bird Assembly Line....

This is where we're at so far... And now - on to the pigs!

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