Monday, January 14, 2008

I am SO new at this...

Okay, so I jumped on the MySpace bandwagon a couple years ago, but I've never posted a blog... the occasional bulletin? Sure, but never a "blog". Aren't I too old for this??? The thing is, I enjoy making things, crafting, drawing, whatever keeps my mind from becoming idle and then I end up either giving the things away or throwing them away. Many times I've heard someone say

"Oh, this is so cute".

My response? "You can have it if you want it!"

People tell me all the time I should turn what I call "boredom" into a way to make money. I just like making stuff, should I really charge for keeping myself busy? But the question has always been, how do I market my things? No way I can afford a booth or kiosk at a craft show. The local flea market maybe? Doubtful. So, here it is, my "craft" (otherwise known as boredom). My creations. My Snipits.



Anonymous said...
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JoJo said...

Shelley, I love ur work It is truly a gift from ur creator We have a lot of creativity in this family And yes, ur good enough to go professional!! Keep it going!!