Monday, January 14, 2008

My Medium

Every artist (artist... me?... lol) has a medium. Could be paint, oils or watercolors, pencil drawings or whatever they choose to use to create. I vary over time as to what I do and don't like to do, but it seems the one thing they all have in common is.... paper. (Can paper be a "medium"?) I find a lot of templates on the internet (kudos to those who create them.) Lately, I've moved away from a clear cut template and started making my creations from pictures that I have. This one here to the left was my first attempt at what I call "papercutting". It was okay and all, but I needed to hone my skills a bit.... My friends were tired of seeing their pictures regularly cut up!

The picture above was what resulted. (Neat, but still something is missing.... )After a few attempts at those, I moved on to the final look of paper cuttings... The picture yo
u choose to do has to have a certain amount of shading in it, or it may not come out just right... The final result.... Black and white cut out. The detail can be great or a few, but the result is still unique no matter which you choose to do. Some of these can later be transfered on to pumpkins at Halloween, or watermelons during the summer months... (or anything that's carvable really...)

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