Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm miserable. I know I generally showcase my latest work on here, but I haven't been able to work at all lately. I've been sick. Not sick as I could be, so that is good, but still sick enough to feel like I can't get out of bed some days. The crazy part of it is the Drs I'm seeing. I go in and tell them, sometimes show them, my symptoms and they tell me not to worry about it. Don't worry about it?
So, let me tell you some of the things going on with me. First, I'm changing colors. Yes, you heard me right, I'm changing colors. The skin on the back of my neck and under my arms is getting darker, the Dr says don't worry about it. My eyes get so dry it hurts to blink or feels like there is something in them, which there is not. They have matter in them all the time. My mouth gets so dry I have to constantly drink, if I don't my saliva turns to foam. The Dr says to suck on lemon drops. I have open sores on my upper body that have fibers coming out of them. The Dr says, don't pull the fibers out. As you may have surmised, the Drs have been incredibly helpful.
The list of symptoms could go on... Swelling in the side of my face, pain in my neck and back, extreme fatigue, low grade fever, nausea, unrinary tract infections, kidney stones, I could go on....
The thing is, these things are starting to affect my day to day life. I basically don't have one. I never know from one day to the next how I'm going to feel, so I've basically quit planning things. I homeschool, and most days I force myself up to get it done, only to end up right back in the bed, but at least I'm getting it done. On the days I run a fever, we forgo school altogether. I feel like I don't have a life anymore. This illness, whatever it is, is my life now.


Laura McCord said...


I am so sorry to hear of all of your health problems. Many possibilites come to mind, but I'm sure you have done alot of research. I will be praying for you and your familiy. Let me know if there is anything I can do for ya'll.


Lori_G said...

Have you done a elimination diet? I know that it sounds crazy to think that all of these symptoms could be from food but I am telling you that several years ago I was just like you. After the Dr's basically telling me that it was all in my head and my life almost coming to a stand still because of all of the crazy things going on I found out that I have severe food intolerances. Which don't always show up on allergy tests. I took out gluten, dairy, sugars, dyes, preservatives, nightshades and more out of my diet and my rheumatoid arthritis went away, headaches gone, depressions and anxiety gone, degenerative tissue disease gone, sojourns syndrome gone, swelling hands face and feet gone, aching gone, energy returned, and I am actually a joyful person. Basically I began eating a whole foods diet. Fresh fruits and veggies and I have done a juice feast and other methods to detox the body. I also take digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride to help with digestion. I credit these to giving me my life back. I know if you are at the point that I was you will try anything. I hope you will get better soon as I miss your posts and seeing your new work!!

elisabeth said...

Shelly...I thought I'd stop by your blog today...haven't been for a while. I am so sad to hear of all the ordeals that you have been going through. My first thought was to suggest a diet to flush out all of the toxins that are apparently trying to distroy your body. If you can get to the computer, google Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. This stuff is amazing. (it's important to use only a natural vinegar, not the stuff you get in the grocery store) You can pick up some of Braggs natural apple cider vinegar and books at your local health food store. I know that the medical feild can get a little hopeless...I prefer the natural faith is not in the doctors of this day and age. They are there for a purpose and I know that there are some good doctors out there...but where??? I agree with your friend lori_g...she definatly has some great words of wisdom there and the Apple Cider Vinegar goes hand in hand with what she suggested. I will be praying for you...Remember that we have the Great Physician to go to!!!